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Ignis Systems and Liaison Healthcare join forces

Since I started Ignis Systems in 1999 as a one-person software consulting organization, I have tried periodically to look at “what comes next”, as difficult as that is when in the middle of running a business. Over the past couple of years it had become clear to me that we were approaching a major fork in the road: whether to continue to grow our business organically, or to create a partnership that would allow for the next stage of our growth. If the latter, the two big questions were (a) what form such a partnership might take, and (b) who would be the ideal partner.

We believe we have found the ideal partner in Liaison Healthcare, a division of Liaison Technologies. Their focus is on interoperability, cloud-based solutions, and being able to scale to meet the data management challenges emerging in healthcare. And that’s exactly what we have been doing, on a smaller scale.

As important as their business model is, we also were looking for someone with the agility and the focus on customer success to allow us to continue to grow and adapt in our segment of the market, and where there were strong synergies with their solutions and services offerings. And we had to like their people.

We have just started this journey together, but personally I am enthusiastic about this next stage of our business growth. I look forward to keeping you posted.

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